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A Young Elwyn StudentElwyn currently operates two subsidiaries that take advantage of the organization’s expertise and efficiencies to generate increased revenue to support Elwyn programs and services. These subsidiaries include PEMS, a non-profit applied technology service that offers a host of enhanced management services, and Grace Pharmacy, Inc., a for-profit state-of-the-art full service pharmacy operation specializing in long term care clients.

Both of Elwyn’s subsidiary organizations, Provider Enhanced Management Services (PEMS) and Grace Pharmacy, Inc. incorporate the creative approaches, innovations and best practices developed by Elwyn over the years that have made it one of the leading providers of choice for people with diverse challenges. By offering these services at competitive rates to other human services providers, Elwyn can provide much needed assistance to the special populations it champions and recover a portion of its considerable research and development costs.


PEMS is a subsidiary of Elwyn and an acronym for Provider Enhanced Management Services. Through PEMS, Elwyn offers the larger community our expertise, resources and services through mutually beneficial partnerships. As a nationally recognized human service organization, Elwyn possesses a variety of services which it extends through PEMS including long term care pharmacy services, Elwyn Commercial Laundry, training & education, technological solutions as well as clinical, financial and business consulting. Visit the PEMS website for additional information, or contact:  


PEMS Corporate Office

111 Elwyn Road
Suite 306
Elwyn, PA  19063

For more information,  please contact:

Elwyn Commercial Laundry

ECL… Traditional Quality, Advanced Technology & Solid Service

The Elwyn Commercial Laundry (ECL) specializes in healthcare laundry services for hospitals, nursing homes, life care residents, surgical centers and more. We clean, press and fold bed linens, towels, scrubs, uniforms, lab coats and specialty items. We process customer owned goods and provide the full gamut of quality hospital rental laundry- pillow cases, towels, wash clothes, sheets, bed pads, curtains, etc.- as well as mats, EVS and kitchen laundry through our partners Medi-Clean.

What sets us apart?

The ECL facility utilizes state-of-the-art Braun equipment and allows for complete separation of clean from soiled laundry.

The ECL Promise

- Superior service & quality
- Investment in the best technology
- Foundation of solid business relationships

While we are proud of our superior quality and advanced technology, our customer relationships are the cornerstone of our business. Your service and satisfaction is our most valued asset.

Contact Us

Elwyn Commercial Laundry
1 Judy Way
Aston, PA 19014
Phone: 610-485-8860 x37227
Fax: 610-494-8062
Steve Castellano, Executive Director of Corporate Services

Grace Pharmacy, Inc.

Grace Pharmacy, Inc., a subsidiary of Elwyn, is a state-of-the-art full-service pharmacy operation equipped to meet the extensive and varied needs of Elwyn’s long-term care clients and contractual customers. Its experienced and knowledgeable staff understands the unique needs of the long term care industry and work closely with a provider’s staff to insure that all of these needs are satisfied in a personalized and professional manner.

Elwyn made the commitment to better service its long- term care clients by establishing its own on-campus pharmacy operation in 2005. Grace Pharmacy serves a unique population and prides itself on its customer focused service philosophy and increased accuracy through technology. Whether it be leave-of absences packages for clients visiting home, or on-call and after-hours weekend support for emergency situations, our Elwyn and contractual clients can rely on us to deliver understanding, quality and added value in a timely and efficient manner.

Our Commitment

The team of professionals at Grace Pharmacy brings over 100 years of long-term care pharmacy experience to each transaction. This translates into superior service, communication and accuracy. We are committed to providing high quality service with a personal touch and consultation and training to insure understanding of the medical regimen.


Grace Pharmacy services include:

Grace Pharmacy staff includes:

Who's Eligible

Only Elwyn’s long-term care clients and contractual clients are eligible to utilize the services of Grace Pharmacy.

Contact Us

Grace Pharmacy, Inc.
4040 Market Street, Suite 226
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Pharmacy Phone: (215) 895 - 5594
Direct Phone: (215) 895 - 5578
Pharmacy Fax: (888) 934 - 7223

1667 E. Landis Ave
Vineland, NJ 08361
Phone: 856-794-5391

Please visit our website at: www.GraceRx.net
Privacy Notice

Elwyn New Jersey

Elwyn New Jersey provides residential, day and work programs for people with intellectual disabilities and medical challenges.  New Jersey residents who meet the eligibility requirements of the Division of Developmental Disabilities are referred for services that include community group homes, supervised apartments and supported living options in Atlantic, Cumberland and Gloucester counties.  Seven diverse day and work programs offer community-based services and address basic skills development for daily living and vocational success as well as physical challenges, medical needs, therapeutic socialization and recreational activities. Elwyn New Jersey also offers case management and behavioral support services to individuals with complex medical, cognitive, emotional, or behavioral conditions.

Jane Detweiler
Executive Director, Elwyn New Jersey

Jane Detweiler has been working at Elwyn New Jersey in Vineland for over 30 years. Detweiler started in 1981 as an administrative assistant to the director of administrative services, received numerous promotions over the years and has been the executive director since 1999. Born in Wilmington, Delaware, Detweiler graduated from the College of New Rochelle in New York with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and completed graduate studies in psychology and counseling at Villanova University. Before coming to Elwyn New Jersey, Detweiler delivered individual and group counseling for people with drug and alcohol addictions in prisons and schools. She is currently actively involved with St. Cornelius Catholic Church in Chadds Ford, Pa. and also works as a volunteer in Wilmington, Delaware at the Ronald McDonald House.  

Elwyn NC

Elwyn NC specializes in services for people with intensive support needs in the medical and behavioral areas of life. Developed specifically to provide support to individuals moving into the community from Agnews Developmental Center. Elwyn NC brings to Northern California Elwyn's 150+ years of experience and expertise. Our management and direct support teams are experts in providing community integrated settings that include the oversight and clinical excellence required to meet the needs of our residents. Today, Elwyn NC has contracts to operate 13 group homes, and has contracts with two California Regional Centers to operate an additional 8 homes to provide community living to people with medical fragilities and behavioral challenges in the Los Angeles area. In operating group homes, Elwyn NC is building on Elwyn’s expertise and long history of providing supports to individuals with behavioral challenges and medically fragile conditions in the community.


Michael Kottke, Executive Director
Elwyn NC

Michael Kottke received undergraduate degrees in biology and psychology from the University of Wisconsin and a graduate degree in psychology from the New School for Social Research in New York. He has worked in the Human Services field since 1989 serving a variety of populations with intellectual disabilities, mental health and skilled nursing needs, both as a clinician and administrator. He has been involved in transitioning people with developmental disabilities from institutional settings into community based programs in New York, New Jersey and California. He currently oversees operations of Elwyn NC, a non-profit corporation that provides residential, behavioral health and skilled nursing care to approximately 60 individuals with developmental disabilities, the majority of whom formerly lived at Agnews State Developmental Center, in 13 group homes in the Bay Area of California. Elwyn NC is also in the process of developing specialized residential programs for individuals transitioning to community settings from Lanterman Developmental Center in the Los Angeles area.