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Delaware County Crisis Connections Team

  Delaware County Crisis Connections Team (DCCCT) consists of services available to Delaware County residents who may be at risk for emotional crisis.  The service continuum was developed in collaboration with Elwyn, The Delaware County Department of Human Services Office of Behavioral Health, and Magellan Behavioral Health of Pennsylvania, Inc. 

Philosophically and programmatically, DCCCT’s goal is to provide crisis services that are recovery-oriented, trauma-informed, and evidence-based.  We strongly believe that crisis is a community issue, not just an individual issue.  As such, we view ourselves as a community resource available to assist community members in addressing a community need.  Rather than viewing individuals in isolation, we consider them part of interconnected spheres of natural, professional and community relationships.  Our services therefore seek not only to help the individual but also to fortify those around the person through education and support during a trying time.

MOBILE CRISIS – 855-889-7827
DCCCT Mobile Crisis is available to dispatch to any Delaware County location.  Mobile Crisis is licensed by the Pennsylvania Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse to serve children and adults who require in-person crisis support.  Upon dispatch, teams of highly trained and credentialed professionals come to wherever a crisis is happening, such as a home, school, police station, shelter, places of business, outpatient clinic, or any other community location in Delaware County.  Upon arrival at the location, our teams assess the individual’s needs, provide brief therapeutic interventions to help them regain control of their situation, and offer a menu of referral options appropriate to meet their current need.  Relying upon a rich referral network, our teams then help individuals link to the services they need, whether those services are provided by community supports or professionals such as outpatient or inpatient settings. 

Concerned members of the community can also access Mobile Crisis when they feel that someone else requires immediate psychiatric evaluation at one of the County crisis centers.  The team dispatches to the community location and, if the individual meets the legal criteria for involuntary psychiatric evaluation, works with concerned individuals to facilitate application for involuntary psychiatric evaluation under the Mental Health Procedures Act of 1976.

DCCCT Mobile Crisis is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week by calling 855-889-7827.

To view the Delaware County Crisis Connection Team brochure click here.

WARM LINE – 855-464-9342
The DCCCT Warm Line is available for anyone who may benefit from speaking to someone who has experienced the behavioral health system from the inside.  In our commitment to recovery-oriented services, we provide this opportunity for individuals in recovery to speak to other individuals in recovery on the phone.  Our Warm Line operators have learned how to live a  full life through their own journey of recovery and now want to give back to those who struggle with similar concerns.  To do so, they have completed a rigorous training and certification process through the state of Pennsylvania to become Certified Peer Specialists. 

DCCCT Warm Line is available Monday thru Friday from 6pm to 10pm and Saturday and Sunday 1pm to 7pm.  To speak to a Certified Peer Specialist, please call 855-464-9342.

Consistent with our vision as a community resource, DCCCT is proactive in helping to prevent crises from happening.  We are dedicated to partnering with community groups, educators, law enforcement, medical professionals, and others to raise awareness of mental health issues related to psychiatric illness, substance abuse, trauma, and violence.  DCCCT professionals provide community groups with educational sessions regarding our services as well as targeting mental health issues in general or suicide specific issues.  Given the high prevalence of suicide throughout our communities, DCCCT can serve our community with 1-3 hour Suicide Awareness sessions or two day Suicide Intervention workshops.  Our two-day suicide intervention workshop, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), is an internationally-utilized, evidence-based program developed by LivingWorks that trains anyone, from lay people to professionals, to intervene in suicide situations. 

To learn more about our community engagements or to schedule a meeting or workshop, please contact our director at 610-891-2173 or muehsamjo@elwyn.org.  

To view the Warm Line Flyer click here.

Delaware County Crisis Connections Team Contact Information:
Mobile Crisis: 855-889-7827
Warm Line: 855-464-9342

John Muehsam, Program Director
Office Phone: 610-891-2173
Email: muehsamjo@elwyn.org