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Nursing Services

Nursing services are provided for those individuals who live in either Elwyn’s residential programs, including Media Campus, or in Community Residential Services in Delaware, Chester and Philadelphia counties. The nursing team is led by a Health Care Coordinator who works in conjunction with the resident’s Primary Care Physician and an interdisciplinary team to ensure that the residents are living a healthy life. If necessary, 24-hour nursing care can be provided, and decreasing levels of service are available to residents who function more independently.

Nursing services at Elwyn include:


Registered and Practical Nurses are licensed to practice in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Who’s Eligible

At the present time, Nursing Services are available to those individuals who reside in Elwyn’s residential programs.

Making a Referral

Interested parties should address questions to the contact number below.


Nursing services are included in the per diem rate for all individuals residing in Elwyn’s residential programs.

Contact Us

For more information about Elwyn’s Nursing Services, please contact:

Director of Health Services

111 Elwyn Road

Elwyn, PA  19063


610-891-2131 (fax)