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An Elwyn Resident SmilingElwyn is committed to providing high quality programs and service to Deaf individuals. We serve Deaf individuals with varied needs through information and referral, advocacy and provision of direct services. We recognize the importance of maintaining and respecting the unique culture and language of the Deaf community and insist on utilizing staff who are able to communicate fluently. We particularly focus on assisting Deaf elderly individuals and their families form Philadelphia and the surrounding suburban communities navigate the social services system when communication becomes a barrier. We hold ourselves accountable to measure performance in existing programs and services and to identify opportunities that would improve the quality of our programs and effectiveness of our services.

Programs for the Deaf

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Valley View
Carole Surdyke
610-891-2356 (TTY/V/VP)
610-891-2357 (TTY/V)

Mercy LIFE
Elena Kingsbury, MS
Senior Enrollment and Financial Specialist
215-339-4554 (fax)