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Work and Adult Day Services

Work and Adult Day ServicesWork and Adult Day Services provide a comprehensive approach designed to provide individuals with opportunities for meaningful participation in daily life. Services provide opportunity for personal growth, social/recreational activity, vocational development and retirement. These services are community based as well as in specialized facilities on our Media campus and in the community. Our services are individually tailored to support each individual’s needs and interests ranging from learning daily living skills to managing benefits when embarking on a career. 

We offer services in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, California, and New Jersey. Our goal is to enable individuals to achieve their highest level of independence and lead meaningful lives.

Work Centers

Elwyn’s Work Centers encourage and support individuals to develop appropriate work habits, attitudes, and skills in a structured and supervised setting. While performing contract work, individuals learn task completion, safety in the workplace, problem solving, following directions, and dependability. Individuals earn a commensurate wage for their work and receive a paycheck every two weeks. There are also opportunities to participate in career classes geared toward readying individuals to move on to competitive employment in the community. The work centers range in size from 60 people to 160 people and have direct staffing ranging from 1-6 to1-15, depending on needs. There are work centers located in Philadelphia and Delaware counties in Pennsylvania; Vineland, New Jersey; Wilmington, Delaware, and Orange County, California. Elwyn serves over 900 people each year in their work shops.

Adult Day Centers

Elwyn’s Adult Training Facilities support individuals with developmental disabilities by offering opportunities for personal growth, community and vocational experiences, and relationship building. Our facilities provide a clean, safe environment where individuals are treated with respect and dignity in an atmosphere that builds self-worth and encourages learning and friendships.

Adult Day Care provides both facility based and community based opportunities. A variety of staff to consumer ratios are offered to meet the needs of each consumer and support them to achieve their highest level of independence. Activities to develop skills related to daily living, communication and socialization are encouraged through community referenced instruction, volunteering, and on site training.

Senior Centers

Elwyn also provides day programming that is specifically geared toward seniors with services more reflective of their needs focusing on maintenance of health and safety as well as social and recreational opportunities to maintain a stimulating day environment.  We have senior centers in Delaware County Pennsylvania, Vineland, New Jersey, Wilmington, Delaware, and Fountain Valley, California to meet the needs of those with dementia.

Employment Services

Career Supports / Supported Employment are services provided primarily in the community related to finding and keeping employment. Services include community assessment and training both on the job and at our Philadelphia site. We offer job placement and job support services in a wide variety of fields and locations. We are also am employment network and offer Ticket –to-Work services by assisting individuals in managing their Social Security benefits when beginning or returning to work.  Services include vocational evaluation, skills training, job placement, and post-placement training and supports. Transitional employment opportunities or group placements such as mobile crews are also included.

Executive Director

- Kendra L. Johnson, Executive Director – Employment & Adult Day Services
- Bruce Tarkoff, Executive Director, Elwyn Industries.


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