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annual appeal event

2015 Annual Appeal

We all have a need to engage with the people, places, and things which are most important to us.  We also have a basic need to be a part of or believe in something bigger and grander than ourselves.  Today, we invite you to engage with Elwyn to empower individuals and families who rely on Elwyn for support.  Through your help, your life will be enriched as will those who benefit from your kindness.


Elwyn’s Farm Completes a Successful Year

Our Media campus farm, managed by Justin Donaldson, has been focused on creating healthier eating habits by producing the freshest, most seasonally appropriate and organically produced vegetables, small fruits, flowers and herbs. The primary goal of our farm is to provide fresh, healthy produce to the clients, students, and employees of Elwyn.


Elwyn is Harvesting Organic Crops

Just as we did 100 years ago, Elwyn’s own farmer and students from our Transition Program at Elwyn’s Davidson School are hard at work sowing seeds and harvesting organic crops. Products from the farm are used in meals for our own residents, and our students are taught the concept of farm to table.

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