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The Gift of Education – the generosity of the Stabler Foundation

Thank you to The Stabler Foundation for years of support that has provided opportunities for children with many challenges and potential. The Stabler Foundation most recently provided a matching grant of $125,000.00 to kick off and achieve our our goal to provide interactive SMART Boards to all of the students we serve in our Davidson School.
Madison Woodson
Your gift brings educational, developmental, and therapeutic supports for our students. These SMART Boards will enhance communication and independent functioning for all students. Our students will be able to experience the joy of finding their voices and identities through technology.

We are deeply grateful for your support!

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Residential Treatment Facility, Elwyn, Announces Enhanced Patient Care and Employee Growth

Media, PA – June 26, 2016—The Pennsylvania Institute of Technology (PIT) and Elwyn are pleased to announce a new partnership that will improve the quality of care for patients, and provide employment and growth opportunities for Elwyn employees. The partnership demonstrates the important intersection between educational institutions and local employers.

Full time Elwyn employees are now able to earn their Associate’s degree in behavioral health. Students in the program receive a solid educational foundation in the theories and ideas that affect a mental health or residential treatment facility. The course of study involves four components. Students complete courses in human growth, the role of environment on mental health, mental health disorders, and counseling techniques.

Pennsylvania Institute of Technology instructors will provide classroom opportunities on site to for Elwyn employees. This hands on approach shows students the day to day tasks involved with working in a residential treatment facility.  Online classes will be available so students can finish their degrees at their own pace. Diversified instructional methods enable Elwyn employees to continue work at Elwyn while they learn.

This new partnership also includes financial incentives to enroll in courses. Full-time employees will receive a discount on tuition at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology, and the Elwyn Educational Assistancet Plan will help pay many student expenses.

With the variety of course delivery methods available, students should be able to complete the program and most students can finish an Associate’s degree in as little as two years. Once the student completes the Associate’s degree, he or she may continue towards a four-year degree at one of the several universities with whom the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology has a transfer relationship.

The degree program is certain to be a success with Elwyn employees and program participants. The new educational program will give employees the knowledge needed to provide better service to residents, and offer new innovations to improve Elwyn in the 21st century.

For further information, please contact an enrollment advisor at (610) 892-1500.

About Elwyn

Elwyn has a history of more than 160 years of excellent service as a residential treatment facility for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

For more information, please visit www.elwyn.org or call (610) 891-2000.

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