Hello School!

Elwyn and education go hand in hand and our schools are back in session tomorrow too. One of our cornerstone programs in Media, Pennsylvania is The Davidson School, which provides special education services to students ages 3 to 21 years.

As a testimonial to our dedicated staff and committed, involved parents, we are pleased to introduce Cheryl Borelli, a proud Elwyn Davidson School Parent, accomplished author, and Nicky’s mother. Cheryl has recorded a brief video that describes her journey and the pivotal and significant role Elwyn has had in their lives.

Parents of children with challenges such as autism may struggle, first in having their child accurately diagnosed, then in finding the right services and programs to meet their child’s particular needs. At Elwyn, we offer assistance in all stages of this process. We work with families to make a diagnosis, to determine the best programs for a child with autism or other individual diagnosis, and to educate both the child and his/her family about autism or their individual diagnosis and the programs or educational opportunities that are available.

For more information about our autism services and other programs, please contact us at 610-891-2000.

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