Residential Mental Health Services

Community Residential Rehabilitation

Adult Residential Behavioral Health Services has two Community Residential Rehabilitation Services (CRRS) programs and a supportive living residence.

Dauphin County CRR

Dauphin County CRR is an apartment style program located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It provides residential mental health services to 16 individuals with a wide range of behavioral health challenges. The program’s emphasis is on individual recovery and is consumer-driven and strength based. The Dauphin County staff provides each resident with individualized daily guidance in the areas of maintaining their residential, environmental, and personal health. Additional support is also provided for those wish to seek employment and/or further their education.

Springfield Gardens CRR

Springfield Gardens CRR is an apartment style program located on Springfield Avenue, in Southwest Philadelphia. Opened in September 2005, this program serves eleven individuals in recovery from mental illness. Many also have an intellectual disability. Community Integration programming and the development of Individual Plans ensure successful integration into community life for those at Springfield Gardens.

Parkside Place SIL

Parkside Place SIL is a supported independent living residence in Parkside, Delaware County. It is home to six individuals in recovery from mental illness, some who have a co-occurring substance abuse or intellectual disability. Opened in December 1999, the program site has four 2-bedroom apartment units. Three units accommodate two residents, each with his or her own bedroom.

Referrals for Elwyn residential mental health services are made by the designated county representatives. If you would like to suggest a referral to one of these programs please contact your local County Office of Behavioral Health.