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Residential Treatment Facility for Adults

Located on Elwyn’s Delaware County campus, Elwyn’s Residential Treatment Facilities provide short-term psychosocial rehabilitation for people with autism spectrum disorder who have not responded to traditional mental health services due to cognitive limitations and/or medical complexities. These innovative, short-term programs integrate psychiatric, medical, behavioral and social services to provide each individual with a comprehensive treatment plan and assist with learning the skills they need. The program consists of two separate facilities that enable us to provide the consistent and appropriate level of care for the individuals we serve.


    • Psychiatric evaluations
    • Psychological assessments based on needs
    • Physical assessments with appropriate follow-up
    • Comprehensive and individualized treatment planning
    • Family support services
    • Medication management and education
    • Coordination of case management services with community providers
    • Recreational and ABA therapies
    • Daily living supports with housekeeping and personal needs
    • Social skills training
    • Discharge planning with recommendations for referrals
    • Post-discharge follow-up


The RTF programs are designed to serve individuals who have a diagnosis of Autism Specturm Disorder with medical complexities such as genetic syndromes, sensory/motor impairments and communication disorders. The program design accounts for children who also have a diagnosis of mental retardation.

Making a Referral

Referring agents may include, but are not limited to, medical staff, social workers and/or case managers. Referrals can be made in several ways. Referral information can be faxed directly to the RTF program at 610-891-2140 or called-in by telephone Monday through Friday at 610-891-7618. Individuals should contact the applicant’s funding source for intake approval.


The RTF program accepts all types of funding arrangements, including those from behavioral health managed care insurers, private health insurance companies and HMO’s as well as from county human services departments, children and youth services, Medicaid, and private pay.

Residential Treatment Facility at Natale

Located in the Leaman Center on Elwyn’s 400-acre Media campus, the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) at Natale is 16-bed, cottage-style intensive residential treatment program for adults with a primary diagnosis of a mental health disorder. The first-of-its-kind in Delaware County, the RTF at Natale is a therapeutic treatment option for individuals who need stabilization and rehabilitation in a structured environment. The program at Natale is based on recovery, rehabilitation, and education that bridge the gap in traditional mental health services. As a step-up/down solution, the RTF at Natale is also a viable option for individuals who no longer meet inpatient criteria, but who need further treatment and stabilization before returning to community life. All persons admitted to the RTF at Natale receive 24 hour a day supervision with clinical interventions and psychiatric rehabilitation principals that are highly individualized and targeted to specific symptoms and/or behaviors. The appropriate candidate for the RTF Program will be 18 years of age or older, have a primary mental health and/or co-occurring diagnosis, and does not meet criteria for inpatient hospitalization. Natale RTF is based on the principle that all people, including those with special challenges in life, deserve opportunities to build independent and meaningful lives based on personal choices and individual goals. Referrals to the RTF program can be made by contacting the program at 610-891-7330.

Contact Information

Leonard Thompkins, Unit Director

John Muehsam, Associate Director

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