Saturday Therapeutic Activities and Recreation (STAR) Program

Sat. Recreation programOn any given Saturday, throughout the school year at Elwyn’s Davidson School, the Zier Recreation and Kivitz Centers are ablaze with activity and happy faces! Thanks to a grant from the Widener Memorial Foundation, a very unique initiative, entitled the Saturday Therapeutic Activities and Recreation (STAR) Program, now offers therapeutic recreation sessions, each Saturday morning (from 8:00 AM to12:00 noon). Children and young adults (ages 4-21) with special needs enjoy three specially designed activities in Aquatics, Horticulture and Yoga. Based on the principle that recreational activities help to enhance self-esteem, decrease stress, develop lifelong interests as well as improve overall health – each seven week session provides participants with enjoyable, learning based, therapeutic opportunities that facilitate these very important outcomes. Other essential benefits include wonderful opportunities for social interaction and support among both the participants and the parents. While classes are in session, it is extremely common to see parents conversing and sharing information regarding experiences, services and opportunities for individuals with special needs. Additionally, since the inception of the program in September 2013, parents have been thrilled with the progress of their loved ones who proudly receive achievement certificates at the end of each session. As a result, re-enrollment in subsequent sessions has been extremely high and a true reflection of the success of the program. STAR program