Elwyn New Jersey’s Adult Day Care Services at Senior Enrichment

Elwyn New Jersey’s Senior Enrichment program provides adult day care services for older adults with disabilities on the grounds of Elwyn New Jersey in Vineland, New Jersey. Daily activities are included within the day program building and through activities in the surrounding community.

Senior Enrichment is a therapeutic program. It provides a variety of engaging activities on a daily basis. Individuals accepted to the program must quality for services under the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities (NJ-DDD) and be able to benefit from the type of therapeutic programming and activities provided at the Senior Enrichment program.

Although the individuals attending the program are elderly and choose to no longer attend a more vocational or work-centered adult day service, the daily activities at Senior Enrichment are engaging and fun. Based on individual needs and wants, individuals can participate in activities in the community, including going out to lunch, going shopping at the mall, or even going to the flea market for interesting finds.

Staff at Senior Enrichment work as a team and truly care about every individual attending the program. Trained instructors are responsible for different program areas and aspects of the Senior Enrichment adult day care service program. While staff and individuals supported in each area are working on a specific theme or activity, individualized attention is provided by staff to all participants. Individualized attention has been noted as one of the benefits of the Senior Enrichment program according to family and guardian feedback.

Senior Enrichment’s adult day care service includes daily variety of fun-filled activities. Some enjoy reading, or being read to while others enjoy discussing current events. Individuals are engaged and can choose to participate in movie days, bingo, and many different table top games. Holidays are celebrated with bright decorations adorning the walls, and individual birthdays are also celebrated with those who wish to participate. Empowering individuals to make their own decisions is important. Some individuals have specific games they choose to play, like bingo or Trouble. A variety of board games are available.

At Senior Enrichment, not a day goes by without music. Walking through the halls at Senior Enrichment, you can hear folks sing along to the music on the radio, chatting about what they have planned for the evening during lunch, or see folks taking a break in a recliner or at the table before moving on to the next activity.

Especially in the beautiful spring and summer weather, individuals supported through Senior Enrichment’s adult day care services take part in outdoor activities such as whiffle ball, kick ball and shopping trips for which vehicles are available for transportation.

The Senior Enrichment’s adult day care service staff do their best to make sure that the individuals attending Senior Enrichment have a wonderful daily experience at the program every day. Individuals who attend Elwyn New Jersey’s adult day care Senior Enrichment program make every day interesting, from a heated argument about a current event to a beautiful collage or holiday decoration, these seniors keep going.

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