Elwyn New Jersey’s Skills Enrichment Program

Elwyn NJThe Skills Enrichment program is located in the heart of Vineland, New Jersey. Skills Enrichment is a program designated especially to work with individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and special behavioral needs. Elwyn New Jersey’s Skills Enrichment program provides pre-vocational and non-vocational activities for individuals who require a higher level of support. A three to one staff to individuals supported ratio allows the needed support and supervision to afford more individualized services for those who are enrolled in the program.

A monthly trip calendar is in place in the Skills Enrichment program in order to provide the opportunity for those interested in attending a local community event or activity. Community participation is at the core of all Elwyn New Jersey’s programs. Individuals are supported in getting involved with their community, including identifying vocational opportunities when possible.

Elwyn at rita's water iceDuring the summer, individuals made a trip to the Rita’s Water Ice where they met staff and had the opportunity to sample various flavors of water ice to find the flavor the like the most.

Elwyn New Jersey’s Skills Enrichment program provides skill development through individualized skill building activities, communication skill development and individualized work on appropriate behaviors in the community, whether in a pre-vocational work activity or during leisure time. Skills building activities can consist of working with different manipulatives, matching or categorizing, or building puzzles.Elwyn New Jersey enrichment program

Physical activities and game playing are important components of the day at Elwyn as well, teaching individuals the importance of following rules, repeated practicing for improved results, and the importance of completing tasks in a set order to achieve the expected outcome.

Summer schedule has at the Skills Enrichment program included nature walks at the Parvin state park, going to the Bridgeton Zoo, and even going fishing at the local lake. Community parks are often the destination for wiffle ball. Sometimes, an intense basketball match creates a nice break since the work programs have a court outside for basketball.
playing games at Elwyn NJIndividual also participate in physical activities through game playing to learn team work, individual accountability, and to have fun in a social setting.

Emphasis at Elwyn New Jersey’s Skills Enrichment Program is placed on community inclusion and integration activities, but we network with community programs such the Gloucester County Learning Resource Center which serves non-profits by loaning us various educational material and manipulatives. This allows the Elwyn New Jersey staff members to identify materials that work well for different individuals. The materials can then be purchased and maintained. Through this community partnership, Elwyn New Jersey’s Skills Enrichment Program can try and choose materials that will work for individual needs.

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