Endowment and Capital Giving

When you contribute to the Elwyn Endowment your gift establishes an enduring legacy that will forever benefit children and adults with the greatest needs. Endowed gifts strengthen Elwyn in several ways:

  • Endowment dollars for scholarships enable Elwyn to provide the highest quality human services to children and adults in need. While public funding provides for basic needs, endowments can enrich the quality of services and life for the individuals we support.
  • Because a portion of an endowed gift is invested, the income can be generated to ensure Elwyn’s vitality well into the future.
  • An endowed fund can be established with a minimum commitment of $25,000. You may leave a legacy to Elwyn in your name, in the name of a beloved family or care giver, or any other person.

Any gift that is designated for a particular initiative, such as endowment support, scholarship assistance, or building renovation, is a capital gift. Capital gifts are made in the form of cash, securities, or property. Capital gifts of a certain magnitude may be used for naming opportunities—for example, a classroom or a scholarship fund may be named for the donor or in honor of another person of the donor’s choosing.

To learn more about endowment and capital support,

Jennifer Cohen