About Elwyn

Since our beginning in 1852 as one of the nation’s first schools for children with intellectual disabilities, Elwyn has continued to be at the forefront of developing unique, innovative services for people with disabilities. For over 163 years, our mission and vision have remained steadfast: Maximizing potential through personal commitment, collective talents and innovation, Elwyn supports individuals with diverse challenges in shaping distinctive, meaningful lives. Through partnerships with families, communities and government, Elwyn will be the provider of choice for people with diverse challenges.

Elwyn has continually pioneered new service models and developed new programs to meet the changing needs of the people we serve.

Our services address a broad range of needs for people of all ages in:

  • Behavioral health
  • Early childhood services
  • Special education
  • Research and health services
  • Work and adult day programs
  • Supports for living

Throughout all of our programs, Elwyn embraces the following core values and beliefs:

  • Integrity, respect and commitment should be the basis of our relationships.
  • Personal accomplishments are an integral part of a meaningful life.
  • The whole of society is better for the inclusion of all of its citizens.
  • Each of us has something to offer and we can gain from the process of giving.

Our work emphasizes the strengths of each individual and we strive to insure that all people we serve find hope, motivation, opportunities and success. To learn more about the services that we offer in your region, visit the following location pages.