Children’s Behavioral Health Services

Children’s Behavioral Health Services offer a variety of programming and support for children and adolescents ages 2 to 21 with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges.

Located throughout Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties, we provide community-based services through education, intervention, and identifying resources. We are committed to providing comprehensive behavioral health services to children, adolescents, and their families.

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Intensive Behavioral Health Services

Intensive Behavioral Health Services are community-based and tailored to the specific needs of each child. Our clinical team, whose expertise reaches multiple disciplines, offers families and children the tools to succeed within the least-restrictive educational and living environment possible.

Delaware County

Philadelphia County

Child/Adolescent Intensive After School Program

The Child/Adolescent Intensive After School Program helps children with behavioral/emotional needs to develop problem-solving, socialization, and communication skills. An individualized treatment plan is created to address each child’s specific goals and needs through small and large group activities. Parents are provided opportunities to learn about the needs of their children.

Delaware County

Child/Adolescent Therapeutic Socialization Program

The Child/Adolescent Therapeutic Socialization Program helps children with autism spectrum disorder learn enhanced socialization skills through participation and engaging activities. Parents are provided information to help understand their child’s strengths and needs. Individualized treatment plans outline specific goals for each child and the involvement of parents, siblings, schools, and other community resources.

Delaware County

Philadelphia County

Children’s Residential Treatment Facility

The Children’s Residential Treatment Facility provides intensive therapeutic intervention services to children and adolescents ages 6-21 with autism spectrum disorder, experiencing acute behavioral challenges, and exhibiting resistance to treatment. Personalized treatment plans are based on the unique needs of the individual, with significant family and caregiver involvement.

Delaware County:

Clinical Visitation Program

This program seeks to decrease the length of stay of out-of-home placements for children in Foster Care or Kinship Care. The goal is to ensure successful family reunification or permanency within 12 months, while promoting their safety, positive adjustment, and well-being.

862 Main Street
Darby, PA 19023


Crisis Services

Mobile Crisis and Intervention programs are equipped to address complex needs contributing to crisis and instability, including family systems stressors, youth substance abuse, trauma/grief, and youth intense behaviors, symptoms, and emotions that raise concern for potential harm to self or others.


Delaware County

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

**This program has received Evidenced-Based Practice (EBP) Designation through Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health.  EBP designation is reserved for providers offering high quality evidenced-based and evidence-supported practices.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a highly structured form of therapy that teaches the skills necessary to regulate emotions, control self-destructive behaviors, and improve relationships. Originally designed to treat Borderline Personality Disorder, DBT has been scientifically tested as an effective treatment for a range of emotional and behavioral problems. It focuses on helping individuals learn to validate their own experiences while also learning skills to improve quality of life, reduce distress, regulate emotions, and maintain effective relationships. In short, DBT helps individuals learn how to achieve their unique goals, maintain productive relationships, and develop stability in their lives. Our DBT adolescent program is open ages 14-19.

DBT includes several modes of treatment:

Individual Therapy

Individuals in DBT participate in a one hour therapy session every week. During this time, they review weekly diary cards, develop insight into their behaviors and consequences, and discuss more effective problem solving. 

Group Skills Training

Individuals in DBT also participate in a two hour skills training group every week. Participants are provided with a binder of handouts and worksheets to be reviewed in class and completed as homework. Unlike traditional process group therapy, each group includes a mindfulness exercise, reviewing the homework assignment, and learning new skills. There are four types of skills people learn in DBT skill training:

  • Mindfulness – being present in the moment, increasing awareness, being non-judgmental, thinking wisely
  • Distress Tolerance – managing stressful situations without making things worse
  • Emotion Regulation – awareness of emotions and vulnerabilities, reducing intensity of negative emotions
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness – asking for things or saying “no” skillfully, preserving relationships, and self-respect

Phone Coaching

Individuals in DBT are able to contact their therapists outside of session when they are in crisis or highly stressed. The therapist will assist the individual in choosing a coping skill to deal with the situation or to manage strong emotions until the problem can be solved.

Loved Ones Group

Friends and family members of our DBT participants are eligible to participate in a special skills group to learn more about DBT skills and how to best support their loved one in DBT.

To schedule an intake appointment, please call our office at 215-895-5588. During the intake, you and the staff will discuss whether the DBT program is appropriate for you.

Contact: 215-895-5588

Extended Assessment Program

The Extended Assessment Program connects children in Delaware County with services that will best aid their overall growth and development, offering up to 24 hours of assessment and case management. Highly-qualified clinicians and clinical case managers oversee each individual case and collaborates with the child’s school, community, and home to determine the most suitable resources. Recommendations may include continued assessment, behavioral health services, or another level of care.

Delaware County

Outpatient Therapy Program

Outpatient therapy can help children and adolescents manage the many emotions and feelings they may experience on a regular basis. Depression, anxiety, trauma, school-related problems, bereavement, stress, anger, and family problems can interfere with daily life and functioning.

In partnership with the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services’ “Healthy Minds Philly” initiative, Elwyn Behavioral Health participates in regular community awareness events, such as mental health screenings and trainings. For more information about this initiative, please see the following link for Healthy Minds Philly.

Delaware County


School Therapeutic Services

School Therapeutic Services complement other Behavioral Health Services by helping children move to less intensive levels of care. Located within four Philadelphia County schools, these comprehensive programs are an alternative for children whose medical and clinical needs may warrant traditional wraparound services.

Philadelphia County

Summer Therapeutic Activities Program

Summer Therapeutic Activities Program “T-Camp” is a unique summer program available for children ages 6-21 years who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder Camp is a fun and safe place for elementary, middle and high school aged children, where social interaction and self-awareness are encouraged in enthusiastic and creative ways. Children experience peer interactions as they engage in fun and engaging activities; a caring and interactive staff addresses individual goals for socialization and expression. Routine and structure guide each child’s day even as he or she participates in hippotherapy, music enhancement, swimming, and nature walks. Special activities such as field trips, theme days, and family days encourage participation with the children and their families. Sensory-based activities and alternative methods to increase communication are incorporated into the daily programming.

Delaware County

  • The best part of my job is working with the students and families, the impact I can make on their lives.
    Jason Rein

    Jason Rein

    Educational Facilitator, PA
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