Crisis Services

Crisis Services

Crisis Services Delaware County

Crisis Connections Team

Elwyn’s Delaware County Crisis Connections Team(DCCCT) provides 24/7 in-person crisis support services for individuals of all ages throughout Delaware County. DCCCT provides professional crisis intervention and follow-up support that is accessible to all Delaware County residents including those with no prior mental health issues and no behavioral health insurance coverage. When dispatched to a crisis, DCCCT staff seek to deescalate crisis situations and assist the individual in crisis using the least restrictive environments possible and a range of recoveryoriented, trauma-informed, best practices.

Individuals or members of the community can request assistance from DCCCT by calling 1-855-899-7827. The call will be answered by a Delaware County Mobile Dispatch Specialist who will determine if the case requires a mobile dispatch. If mobile services are appropriate, a Mobile Team will then dispatch to any location in Delaware County as soon as possible to assist the crisis situation.


Mobile Crisis for Law Enforcement at the request of responding police officers and individuals in the community who are experiencing a mental or behavioral health crisis. Children and adults in Upper Darby and Haverford Township

Elwyn’s Mobile Crisis for Law Enforcement (MCLE) is a police co-responder program providing alternative law enforcement response in the municipalities of Upper Darby and Haverford Township. Elwyn MCLE teams consist of a Mental Health Professional and Certified Peer Specialists. MCLE teams respond to mental health related 911 calls when requested by law enforcement officers in the community.

MCLE teams are trained to assist with a range of needs including mental health crisis, substance abuse, family system stressors, homelessness, and other related needs. All services are collaborative, strength-based, resolution-focused, and flexible. MCLE dispatches come through Upper Darby and Haverford Township police departments and serve individuals of all ages throughout those communities.

Warm Line

The Warmline serves Delaware County residents over the age of 18 to provide support to individuals who are not in crisis but are struggling with an emotional or mental health challenge. The Warmline is staffed with Certified Peer Specialists who are trained to listen, offer emotional support, problem solve, and connect callers to appropriate services and resources.


Crisis Services Philadelphia

Community Mobile Crisis Response Team

Elwyn’s Community Mobile Crisis Response Team (CMCRT) is a part of city-wide mobile crisis services supported through the Philadelphia Crisis Line (PCL) to provide 24/7 in-person crisis support services throughout the City of Philadelphia. Elwyn CMCRT teams consist of Mobile Crisis Specialists, who are trained to conduct mental health assessments, and Certified Peer Specialists. Additionally, CMCRT has a team of Licensed Practical Nurses, who can be dispatched when needed to conduct medical assessments and support individuals in need of medical care.

Upon arrival at a crisis situation, CMCRT teams will engage, deescalate, assess, provide resolution focused crisis intervention, develop safety plans, and connect the individual in crisis with appropriate treatment and/or community services as indicated. For individuals willing to engage in treatment, CMCRT teams can provide direct transport to the appropriate treatment facility. The goals of CMCRT are to reduce law enforcement involvement in behavioral health crises, reduce involuntary commitments, and reduce acute care service utilization by connecting individuals to the least restrictive, most appropriate level of care.


Crisis Intervention Response Team

Elwyn’s Crisis Intervention Response Team (CIRT) is a police co-responder unit that provides an alternative response to traditional law enforcement response to mental health crisis. The CIRT co-responder teams consist of crisis
intervention trained (CIT) Philadelphia police officers and Elwyn mental health professionals.

CIRT teams respond to mental health related 911 calls throughout the City of Philadelphia. Upon arrival in the
community, CIRT teams assist individuals and their natural supports to stabilize the crisis, assess the immediate needs of the individual, and connect them to appropriate level of care. CIRT teams are equipped to address complex needs contributing to crisis including family systems stressors, substance abuse, trauma/grief, and homelessness. All services are collaborative, strength-based, resolution-focused, and flexible.


Mobile Crisis

Mobile Crisis and intervention programs are equipped to address complex needs contributing to crisis and
instability, including family systems stressors, youth substance abuse, trauma/grief, and youth intense behaviors, symptoms, and emotions that raise concern for potential harm to self or others.


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