Our Mission and Core Values

Through personal commitment, collective talent, and innovation, Elwyn supports individuals with diverse challenges in shaping distinctive, meaningful lives.

Chuck McLister on Elwyn’s Core Values and Operating Principles

Core Values and Operating Principles

I am a servant-leader, with a passion and enthusiasm for our mission.  Because I share Elwyn’s deep sense of purpose, I am fully committed to being part of a collaborative, decisive, and courageous team that creates an organization of continuous learning.


We want the facts and value the truth.

  • I keep my promises, stated or implied.
  • I make my expectations clear to others.
  • I unearth problems so the team has no surprises
  • I support respectful dissent to produce a continuous learning environment.
  • I am transparent in the application of my duties.

High Expectations

Our performance is unrivaled.  

  • Our services must be excellent and suitable for my own family.
  • I assume that my teammates want to do a great  job
  • I am responsible for removing barriers to excellent care.
  • The most relevant results are those measured closest to service delivery.
  • I believe technology is a strategic lever.


We protect physical and emotional safety for all.  

  • I will do no harm.
  • I honor professional courage by speaking up and expect others to do the same.
  • I produce and ensure a clean and safe work environment.
  • I make decisions that prioritize the well-being of the people we support.
  • I ask questions without hesitation


We are ALL-IN and focused on results.

  • I follow procedures, or contribute to improving them.
  • I am both collaborative and decisive.
  • I understand my role in our success.
  • I have pride of membership.
  • I celebrate our “wins” and contribute to the success of my teammates.


Elwyn’s mission is essential to the world.

  • I make decisions that ensure an enduring and permanent Elwyn.
  • I conserve resources as if they were my own.
  • I am willing to try new things for our company.
  • I work for Elwyn’s prosperity and success.
  • I am responsive and attentive to all of Elwyn’s stakeholders.
  • I participate in the process of business development to create a sustainable Elwyn.


We appreciate our purpose and each other.
Success is FUN.


We act as ONE TEAM, but I am responsible for my own behaviors on this team.