Strategic Plan

 2018 – 2022

In 2017, the Elwyn Board appointed Charles McLister to be Elwyn’s ninth President and CEO. McLister reconstituted the organization’s leadership team, explicitly established the agency’s Core Values, and launched a Strategic Steering Committee—comprising members of Elwyn’s leadership, its board of directors, and a cadre of expert volunteer advisors—to develop a 5-year strategic plan that will carry the organization through 2022.

Invest in our Employees

Deploy resources to optimize recruitment, retention, and training to create a powerful employee workforce

Elwyn’s most valuable asset is its workforce of 5,000 dedicated teachers, clinicians, direct support professionals, supervisors, and administrative staff who embody the mission of the organization. Over the next 5 years, Elwyn will make substantial and deliberate investments in its workforce across the organization. These investments will wrap around the various components of our human capital life-cycle, from recruitment efforts and onboarding, to continuous learning and training opportunities for all staff. This strategy will also include investments in compensation and benefits so that Elwyn can attract an eager and professional workforce, which it will retain at a rate that distinguishes Elwyn from its competitors.

Grow our Core Competencies

Grow relevant and sustainable programs via organic expansion and strategic affiliations

Elwyn will strengthen services within three core competencies—special education and early intervention, behavioral health services (BHS), and support services for persons with autism and IDD—which will enable responsible growth through both organic expansion and targeted acquisitions. These activities will grow revenue and net assets such that Elwyn maintains its competitive advantage within the industry, influences the decisions of elected and appointed officials as it relates to funding and best practices, and guards the company from organizational risks or uncontrollable events. 

Organic expansion will occur where Elwyn is already positioned for growth, such as California (and the western U.S.), New Jersey, New England, and Philadelphia. Targeted acquisitions will be made in optimal geographic regions, contingent upon market conditions such as demand, alignment, and funding. Finally, because Elwyn has adopted a deliberate and focused criteria for both types of growth, this plan will result in the production of consistent surplus in the category of net operating income, allowing for additional reinvestment.

Invest in Technology and Innovation

Invest in technology that improves service quality and employee engagement

Elwyn will rely on its superior technology infrastructure and enhanced enterprise systems to recruit and retain a professional workforce and to grow its core services. 

Elwyn will invest in both hardware acquisitions and system upgrades over the next 5 years. Specifically, the IT strategy will focus on full implementation of an electronic health record that enables the entire workforce to improve clinical quality and automate service capture and billing. This strategy is critical to the success of service line efforts in Philadelphia, as well as other key geographic regions, and will be essential to the modernization of financial systems. Other enterprise systems will enable faster, more efficient functioning within the HR, development, and other support departments.

Modernize Real Estate Assets

Modernize relevant facilities and monetize non-essential assets to fund growth and investment

Just as technology can be used to create efficiencies, enable growth, and influence culture, the organization’s real estate can be similarly transformative when viewed as a strategic tool. 

As a significant owner, occupier, and manager of a portfolio comprising over 700 acres and more than 1,000,000 square feet, Elwyn has crafted a strategic plan that recognizes real estate as a mission-critical advantage differentiating us from our peer group. 

Guided by our Core Values to create an environment that reflects our commitment to our employees and those we serve, Elwyn’s corporate real estate strategy will: (i) modernize Elwyn real estate to dramatically improve quality, suitability of purpose, and financial and operational sustainability; (ii) monetize inessential property and use the proceeds to fund strategic expansion and enhance service delivery; and, (iii) manage our holdings and leases in a way that unifies the portfolio across geographic locations and positions the organization as best-in-class enterprise.

View More Real Estate Progress 

Create Trust with Families

Engage families to improve quality, cultivate reputation, and build enduring trust

Elwyn recognizes families as key stakeholders in the design, delivery, and evaluation of our services. In partnership with our direct support professionals and the individuals we serve, families complete the Service Triangle vital to Elwyn’s success. Elwyn acknowledges the essential role played by family members of those served through the organization and will expand efforts to engage family members at the highest levels to aid in the development, implementation, and assessment of programs. 

A select group of family members will participate in a Quality Committee, which will report directly to the Board. Others will serve as mentors, ombudsmen, advocates, and fundraisers. When it comes to engaging elected officials and government agencies, there are no more powerful and influential advocates than families, and Elwyn will find new ways to include family members in our government relations strategy. Together we will strive to provide exceptional services and earn a stellar national reputation as the agency of choice for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism, and related behavioral health issues.

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    Michelle Kukta

    Director of Payroll Services, PA
    Michelle Kukta
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