An International Flair

A group of very special visitors arrived at Elwyn to celebrate a very special milestone.

A delegation of 5 university professors and 7 staff representing two schools for children with intellectual disability traveled from Japan as part of the 120 year celebration of Takinogawa Gakuen.

The delegation was led by Dr. Tsumagari and Mr. Yamada. Dr Tsumagari is a university scholar who has visited Elwyn before for his research and recently published a history of Takinogawa Gakuen. Mr. Yamada is the chairman of the board of the school. Doctor Tsumagari’s historical research has highlighted that Elwyn was the inspiration for the founding of Takinogawa Gakuen which is the first school for persons with intellectual disability in Japan.

The visitors were welcomed by Dr. Sandy Cornelius to kick off their visit on Tuesday morning. Next they were treated to a brief lecture by Dr. Elliott Simon on the origins of treatment for individuals with intellectual disability, as well as on Elwyn and its history of service. Dr. Simon relayed “The connection in the 19th century and early 20th centuries between Elwyn and Takinogawa Gakuen were very strong. It is wonderful to revive this connection and information exchange.”

The delegation will spend three days touring Elwyn, its programs and its facilities.

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