April is National Autism Awareness Month

For over one hundred and fifty years, Elwyn has been one of the nation’s most trusted organizations for the support and education of intellectually and developmentally challenged children. While autism was only recognized as a disorder decades after Elwyn’s founding, Elwyn has been at the forefront of innovation for autism services for kids.

Autism Awareness Month | Autism Services for Kids

April is National Autism Awareness Month (NAAM), and has been set aside as a time to become more informed about autism as a disorder and about the challenges faced by people and the loved ones of those with autism. Need more information on Autism? Here’s what you should know:

Elwyn Presents: A Short FAQ about Autism

  1. When was autism discovered?

The word “autism” was first created in 1908 by psychologist Eugen Bleuler, to describe patients who had seemingly retreated into an inner world. Further research into what we now call autism was conducted during the 1940s – 1960s, by doctors such as Hans Asperger, Bruno Bettelheim, and Bernard Rimland; autism became well-known to the public later, during the 1970s- 1980s.

  1. What are the major signs of autism?

Autism can manifest in many ways and in many varying degrees. However, those providing autism services for kids recognize several key factors which often appear:

  • Limited or greatly delayed communication skills
  • Difficulty understanding or relating to others
  • Restricted and sometimes obsessive hobbies and interests
  • Highly repetitive physical movements such as rocking, flapping hands, or even self-harming activities like slapping themselves
  1. How is autism diagnosed?

No blood tests or similar rigorously scientific measurements of autism exist. Autism must be diagnosed by a qualified psychiatric specialist, based on displayed behaviors.

  1. What causes autism?

We have significant reason to believe autism’s causes are largely genetic, but the exact genetic triggers have yet to be precisely determined.

  1. I know an autistic person. How do I deal with him?

By understanding that, although their behaviors may seem strange, they are still individuals worthy of respect and love. Like everyone else, autistic people are simply trying to get by in the world as best as they can. Try to empathize with their position, and treat them as fellow human beings.

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Elwyn is a trusted name in the autism community. Our staff is passionate about helping those who come to us for services, and our programs are all designed to help individuals with intellectual, emotional, or developmental disabilities live up to their potential. To learn more about autism or Elwyn’s autism services for kids, contact us!

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