Residential Treatment Facility and other options for mental health care

What Does Elwyn’s Residential Treatment Facility Offer Individuals in Crisis?

For over one hundred and fifty years, Elwyn has provided health and educational services to those with mental or emotional disabilities. Because we care about the mental care of every individual, we want to recognize Mental Health Awareness Month.  We firmly believe that every person facing mental health challenges deserves compassionate care and understanding.

Elwyn offers a wide range of services to those facing mental health crises to people both young and old.  In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, we would like to highlight some of the most important mental health programs we offer.

Natale Residential Treatment Facility with Concierge Services

Our Natale Mental Health Residential Treatment Facility has moved to a new home on our Media, PA, campus, and offers many services. The program offers 24-hour observation and supervision for adults over 18 who are facing psychiatric emergencies and are in need of stabilization.

Unlike most psychiatric facilities, we seek to emphasize care and comfort of the patient by giving our residential treatment facility a hotel-like atmosphere.  Our concierge services are intended to give residents an environment that is structured to provide the stabilization they need, while giving them the attention they would receive as a guest.  In addition, our residential treatment facility is the only one in the area to take in “dual diagnosis” patients – those with psychological issues on top of intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Elwyn Is Part of The Delaware County Crisis Connections Team (DCCCT)

DCCCT is a mobile, on-the-go initiative developed through a collaborative effort between Elwyn, The Delaware County Department of Human Services Office of Behavioral Health, and Magellan Behavioral Health of Pennsylvania, Inc.  Through DCCCT, mental health professionals are available to those in need, wherever they are needed.  These crisis services are available on-call, and strongly recovery-oriented.  More than simple interventions, we seek to work with each individual being helped through DCCCT overcome their issues and be able to resume normal participation in society.  DCCCT is available to children and adults of all ages.

DCCCT can be called in either by the individual themselves, or by concerned friends and family, when imminent psychiatric incidents are concerns.  The individual is evaluated by trained experts, and immediate in-person therapeutic interventions are provided.

In addition to the mobile crisis line, DCCCT offers individuals support from others like them who have experienced mental health challenges, received assistance and who now want to help others through listening and encouragement. This assistance is provided through a “warm line,” accessed by calling 855-464-9342.

Elwyn and DCCCT view crises like these as community crises, and seek to provide training to groups and individuals so that more people will understand how to identify and help individuals in crisis. Group training sessions or workshops are held in order to meet that goal.

Elwyn’s Residential Treatment Center Is Here to Help Those in Crisis

If you or someone you care for is facing a mental health crisis, Elwyn may be able to help at our residential treatment facility.  For immediate support, individuals may call the mobile crisis line at 855-889-7827. For residents in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, or California, contact us today to learn more about our mental health services.

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