New Visions Community Integrated Recovery Center

Traditional psychiatric clinical service programs dictated that everyone was to be served at designated sites and times and the content of services was restricted according to established guidelines. Elwyn has formulated a new service model called New Visions, which is the culmination of our efforts to create an innovative approach to traditional service.

New Visions is a recovery oriented, community integrated and treatment based network of care where originality is valued, and offering many choices and individualized approaches to the recovery process is the expectation. Educational interventions on-site and in the community provide creative, culturally-rich, thoughtful and safe growth for each participant.

New Visions is a place where people come to learn how to recover, work and build social supports that lead to in-community opportunities. People are educated about how to maintain their benefits while they are supported in their efforts both to secure gainful employment, and to reduce their dependence on these benefits when they choose to do so.

New Visions encompasses a “living-learning” philosophy, similar to a “community college” model that offers various tracts and levels of proficiency. New Visions offers three tracts for individuals: Site Based Education and Training, Community Integration, and Supported Employment. Certified Peer Specialists are people with a mental illness who help others in their recovery from mental illness, certified peer specialists are vital to New Visions. The individuals have the option of participating in only one tract or in any combination of the three tracts.

Participant movement into the community is the primary goal of New Visions. Connections to families, friends, education and employment are emphasized. The walls of traditional programs are eliminated with the assistance of Certified Peer Specialists who have special training and use their own recovery experience to support participant growth.

Admission Criteria

  1. Must be 18 years or older in recovery from a mental illness including schizophrenia, major mood disorder, psychotic disorder NOS, schizoaffective disorder or borderline personality disorder. Other mental health diagnoses may be reviewed and approved by the BHMCO as exceptions.
  2. Must be a resident of Philadelphia, with Medical Assistance /CBH coverage.
  3. May have co-occurring substance abuse issue.
  4. May have secondary developmental disabilities.
  5. Must be able to communicate and benefit from a blended site and community focused program.
  6. Must be able to travel independently or learn how to travel independently.


The Partial Hospitalization Program accepts funding from Medicaid and Community Behavioral Health. Applicants must be either Medicaid eligible or a member of Community Behavioral Health (CBH).

Contact Us

For more information about the Partial Hospitalization Program or to make a referral,
George Gazella

Emma Jackson


Services are offered at Elwyn’s West Philadelphia location at 4040 Market Street and are easily accessed by public transportation. Hours of operations are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Off-street parking is also available at 41st and Market Streets.