Outpatient Mental Health Alternatives

New Visions Community Integrated Day Program

An alternative to traditional day programs or partial hospital programs, New Visions offers people with severe mental health issues the ability to remain or re-integrate in the community as they recover. This unique blend of outpatient and psychiatric rehabilitation programs offers:

  • Psychiatry and therapy services
  • Peer Support from Certified Peer Specialists
  • Skills based individual and group psychiatric rehabilitation

New Visions is a peer -led community where individual choice is prioritized. We have the ability to address a wide range of concerns including:

  • Employment and education assistance/ outreach
  • Housing support
  • Family connections
  • Illness management and awareness

Eligibility for the program is limited to people with CBH insurance that have:

  • Major Psychiatric diagnosis
  • Functional Impairment (living, learning, work, or social)
  • Choose to be in the program

Individuals can be dually diagnosed with ID or substance abuse.

Intake is centralized through an outpatient diagnostic assessment and can be arranged at (215) 895-5588.

Partners in Recovery Certified Peer Specialists

Certified Peer Specialists share their experience, strength, and hope with others who are diagnosed with mental illness through Partners in Recovery. All services are individual and occur in the community. Peers will meet people wherever they are most comfortable, be that in the community, home, or another program. This service is unique in that it is not connected to nor does it require participation in other outpatient mental health programs, although CPS’s can help connect people with additional services when/ if they are wanted. Partners in Recovery is built on the premise that all people can recover. CPS services help individuals define their own recovery and develop the skills to achieve it.  Anyone with CBH insurance is eligible to receive services if they:

  • Have Community Behavioral Health (CBH) insurance
  • Request the service
  • Have a diagnosis of a major mental health disorder
  • Are recommended by a licensed professional to receive the service

For more information please call our central intake at (215) 895-5588 or the program manager at (215) 767-7354

Outpatient Mental Health

Community based outpatient mental health services are headquartered at our Philadelphia 4040 Market Street location. Traditional psychiatry and therapy services are offered both individually and/or in groups for children (ages 5 and up) and adults. Services include diagnostic evaluation/ assessment, testing, therapy (group and individual), and psychiatric medication management/ monitoring. The program accepts a wide range of insurances (call to check) and is able to provide services to individuals with medical assistance (MA) and/or Medicare. Intakes appointments include a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation that is a requirement to access all other outpatient services. Please call our central intake at (215) 895-5588 to start the process.