Recovery Residential Services-Fair Weather Lodge

As part of our Recovery Residential service continuum, Elwyn has developed two Fairweather Lodges in Philadelphia and Delaware counties. The Fairweather Lodge is a living arrangement designed specifically for persons with life challenges and who wish to live independently. Those who benefit most are persons who may not be able to find affordable, safe housing and have difficulty paying for food and utilities on their own but could do so with the help of other housemates. All lodge members are encouraged in a variety of ways to assume responsibilities for the day-to-day operation of the household. Members establish the rules they are to live by and participate in the process of selecting and discharging future residents. All members are able to work and contribute financially which provides for a comfortable standard of living. Since Fairweather Lodge program goals are to encourage self-reliance on group membership, on-site staffing is very limited, however staff offer support and serve as advisors to Lodge members as needed and are available in emergency situations. A Lodge Coordinator is assigned to the home to assist members with accessing community programs that help promote independent community living, but the ultimate success depends on each member assuming responsibility for the day-to-day operations of their Lodge.