Community Living Arrangements

Baltimore House

Baltimore House is a Community Living Arrangement (CLA) located on Elwyn’s Media Campus. This Community Living Arrangement is unique for the three individuals who live there, the support staff, and the modifications that have been made to the residence. In addition to being Deaf or hard of hearing, all the residents have been diagnosed as having intellectual disabilities, and all the staff is fluent in American Sign Language.

Baltimore House has been modified to ensure that residents can maintain an optimal level of independence. TTYs and videophones are available. For safety, light sensors alert the residents to a ringing doorbell and incoming phone calls. Lastly, to ensure residents’ safety in case of a fire emergency, Baltimore House is equipped with strobe lights and bed vibrators.

Who Is Eligible

Residents of Baltimore House must have been diagnosed with intellectual disabilities and hearing loss.


Baltimore House receives all referrals from the County Office of Intellectual Disabilities.


Elwyn can not accept private referrals or referrals from other agencies without prior County approval. Because the program is funded by the County Office of Intellectual Disabilities, all referrals must be completed and approved by the County representative.

Contact Us

For help with referrals or additional information, contact:
Carole Surdyke
610-891-2356 (TTY/V/VP)
610-891-2357 (TTY/V)
e-mail at