Community Residential Services (CRS)

Elwyn has an extensive network of community residential services, and adults who qualify have several options to choose from. Residents of community homes receive on-site, 24-hour direct supervision and support. Life Sharing is an option for individuals who need support, but who choose to live in an existing family environment. A Supported Living arrangement provides services to people who live semi-independently and who need less than 30 hours of direct support and supervision per week. Individuals who choose Supported Living may live in an apartment or home that they lease or own or in an apartment or home leased by a third party. In-home Support allows individuals to remain living independently with their families or friends. Services through the In-home Support program can include assisting in community integration, help with medical appointments, and work on skills acquisition. Respite Services provide alternate support to individuals whose primary caregiver is unavailable.


  • Licensed community homes and apartments (Office of Intellectual Disabilities, Department of Public Welfare)
  • Non-licensed apartments
  • In-home support services
  • Life sharing support, guidance and companionship
  • Respite care and temporary residential services (appropriately trained and qualified staff / recreational and socialization activities / skill development / assistance with shopping, transportation, personal services)

Individuals who are eligible for a Waiver from ICF/IID can qualify for a placement in a community home or program. Homes and apartments are provided in Chester, Delaware, and Philadelphia Counties. A community home, also called a CLA, provides more than 30 weekly hours of supervision and is licensed. In most cases, a CLA provides 24/7 supervision. A supported living arrangement can provide less than 30 supervisory hours per week as based on an individual assessment of need. CLAs most often are single family homes but can also be an apartment. Specialized residential programs are also provided where environmental structuring helps folks with Prader-Willi Syndrome and Autism live full lives.

For more information about Residential Services in the Community, contact:

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