Expert Physical Rehabilitation Services

Located in the Marvin S. Kivitz Therapeutic Facilities Building on the Media Campus, the Physical Rehabilitation Department includes therapeutic treatment space as well as an extensive wheelchair and equipment repair shop. The therapeutic space is large and well lit and contains all of the equipment needed to provide effective individualized PT treatments. The Physical Rehabilitation Department also houses a wheelchair cleaning machine used to facilitate maintenance of over 100 wheelchairs. Services include:

Physical Therapy

Services include evaluation, treatment, consultation, caregiver education and discharge planning for people with diagnoses that include:

  • Developmental disabilities (e.g., cerebral palsy or Down Syndrome)
  • Degenerative neuromuscular disorders
  • CVA (Stroke)
  • Disabilities associated with aging
  • Arthritis and other joint impairments
  • Traumatic injuries

Types of treatment utilized include:

  • Functional range of motion, strengthening, balance
  • Education and training on the use of adapted equipment
  • Orthotics evaluation/fitting/training
  • Mobility training
  • Exercise program development
  • Individual and group aquatic therapy

Consultative services include:

  • Environmental adaptations
  • Education and training on positioning, lifting and transferring
  • Home exercise programs

Restorative Care

In addition to skilled treatment, Elwyn offers restorative care programs that are developed and overseen by the physical therapist (PT) and provided by trained restorative aides. The Restorative Care programs often include:

  • Walking and general exercise programs
  • Sensory stimulation programs
  • Follow-up home programs after skilled treatment

Equipment Maintenance and Repair

The Physical Rehabilitation Department also includes a wheelchair repair shop with trained wheelchair technicians who provide general maintenance, cleaning, and repair for wheelchairs, walkers and other types of equipment. Wheelchair and equipment repair are available on a fee-for-service basis.


Outside vendors and specialists consult with our therapists. Clients receive individualized evaluation, fitting, training and follow-up services through the following clinics:

  • Wheelchair clinic
  • Shoe clinic
  • Brace clinic


All skilled care is delivered by Pennsylvania licensed physical therapists. Restorative care programs, designed by the physical therapist, are implemented by restorative aides who are under the direction of the licensed physical therapist, who is a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Rehabilitation Facilities.

Who Is Eligible

Physical rehabilitation services are primarily utilized by adults who reside in the ICF/MR program. Service is also available to individuals who reside in community residential services who have insurance accessible by the physical rehabilitation staff.

Making a Referral

A physician’s order and referral from the third party insurer (if applicable) will be needed for service from the Physical Rehabilitation Department.


Elwyn’s Physical Rehabilitation Department is in the provider networks of Keystone Mercy Health Plan (PT), Health Partners (PT), Aetna/USHealthcare (PT), and AmeriChoice(PT) for skilled care. Non-skilled/restorative care is provided through the ICF/MR per diem.

Contact Us

For more information about Elwyn’s Physical Rehabilitation Services, please contact:

Susan E. Foster, MSPT Director
Physical Rehabilitation Department
Kivitz Building
111 Elwyn Road
Media, PA 19063
610-891-2280 (fax)