We Provide Homes For Mentally Challenged Adults

Homes for Mentally Challenged Adults | Elwyn.orgResidential services for adults with physical and mental challenges have changed greatly in the course of Elwyn’s 154-year history. Past models of institutional, custodial care have given way to more personalized campus residential living options. Along with these new options come opportunities for adults with developmental challenges to achieve new levels of personal success in their lives. Elwyn’s campus residential living services offer long-term care options in a supportive and encouraging environment. They provide structure in a home-like environment on our beautiful 150-acre Media, PA, campus. Residents enjoy opportunities to socialize with peers; attend movies, professional sporting events, and the theatre; dine at local restaurants; learn new skills; participate in shared chores; and explore a variety of vocational and employment options. Residents have multiple opportunities to enrich their lives socially and spiritually on the campus and in their community. An individual seeking placement in an ICF/MR must qualify for ICF/MR by having an IQ below 70 and by requiring Active Treatment. ICF/MR homes are available on Elwyn’s Media campus and in the community.

Director of Admissions:

Hazel Jones Yelverton, BSW
111 Elwyn Road
Media, PA 19063
610-891-2170 (Fax)