Lifesharing provides support in a newly created family unit, consisting of the individual requiring supports and a single individual or a family who is willing to make the commitment to support the individual within their existing family structure. Individuals qualify for services through their County Supports Coordination Organization (SCO).

Elwyn has supported individuals with diverse challenges for over 150 years. Family Living began in Pennsylvania in 1982, and we have supported people in Lifesharing since the early 90s. Through Lifesharing, people share lives. This unique program gives people with challenges a different option to access services and supports. Individuals can be supported at all levels of functioning, with or without medical, mental health, or other issues and/or problems.

Thorough screening occurs to ensure compatibility with the individual and the support family unit. Once a match is found, the team decides what is needed in order to support the individual in question in this new Lifesharing unit. The Lifesharing Provider (Lifesharer) is reimbursed for the provision of the needed supports.

Getting Started

After initial contact, information will be shared and reviewed through interviews, meetings, trainings and while obtaining clearances. There will be much thought and discussion about the responsibility, commitment and rewards that come with Lifesharing.

Ongoing Support

A Life Sharing Specialist is assigned to each supporting unit and individual. The Life Sharing Specialist will coordinate, monitor, assess, and research supports, services, and documentation. Medical appointments, medication administration, transportation issues, vacations, respite, on-going training and other areas of life will be coordinated and monitored by the Life Sharing Specialist. A team is created, united by a common goal to support someone in the community in a caring environment through Lifesharing.

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