Work Centers

Sheltered Workshops or Work Centers

Elwyn’s Work Centers encourage and support individuals to develop appropriate work habits, attitudes, and skills in a structured and supervised setting. While performing contract work, individuals learn task completion, safety in the workplace, problem solving, following directions, and dependability. Individuals earn a commensurate wage for their work and receive a paycheck every two weeks. There are also opportunities to participate in career classes geared toward readying individuals to move on to competitive employment in the community. The work centers range in size from 60 people to 160 people and have direct staffing ratios ranging from 1:6 to 1:15, depending on needs. There are work centers located in Philadelphia and Delaware counties in Pennsylvania; Vineland, New Jersey; Wilmington, Delaware, and Orange County, California. Elwyn serves over 900 people each year in these workshops.

Work Center Locations: