Behavior Services for Adults with ASD

The Pennsylvania Autism Census estimated that in 2014, 55,000 individuals (children and adults) with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) were receiving services that were publicly funded in Pa, up from 20,000 in 2005. According to the Bureau of Autism Services, 36,000 adults with autism may be seeking services by 2020. Elwyn, a provider of behavioral services for individuals with intellectual or emotional disabilities for over 150 years, offers many behavior services for adults with ASD.

Programs for Adults with ASD

Our staff is passionate about helping children and adults with ASD expand their abilities, better their communication skills, and improve their own quality of life. Some of the programs available are:

ARCH of LeHigh Valley

Our Autism Resource Community Hub is designed to provide full support and services to both children and adults with ASD and their families.  We offer a “one-stop” model that include diagnosis, counseling, and real-world job skills training and placement.

ARC of Delaware County

We partner extensively with ARC of Delaware County, a sister organization, which has nearly 60 years’ experience working with adults who have a wide range of developmental disabilities.  ARC offers great therapeutic, educational, and social programs that can be of significant help to adults with ASD.

Community Homes

We run several residential programs where adults can come to live in a supervised environment alongside their peers, working together to improve their lives.  We offer a minimally-restricted living space that encourages independence, while still providing the structure many adults with ASD need in their daily lives.

Employment Services

At many of our locations, we provide job training and outreach services to help adults with ASD find appropriate work to help them live and succeed on their own.  We have several employers we partner with frequently to offer great opportunities to those seeking work.

Elwyn Offers Independence With Behavior Services for Adults with ASD

Elwyn wants to help adults with ASD experience independence, confidence and success.   Contact us directly to learn more about our efforts and our behavior services for adults with ASD.