Children (3-21)

pic3Elwyn’s Behavioral Health Services includes programs specifically designed for children facing diverse challenges. Our dedicated staff fully embrace evidence-based practices and values for enhancing functioning, independence, and recovery in individuals with mental illness. We remain committed to serving people in new and innovative ways, allowing them to maximize their potential by participating in and contributing to their communities.

Overview of Services

Behavioral Health Services is committed to providing evidenced-based and best practices to help people maximize their potential for participating in and contributing to their communities. Behavioral Health Services offers resiliency-oriented services for children. Services provided include:

  • Diverse residential behavioral health services for children
  • Specialized community integrated services for children
  • Extensive psychiatric clinical services for children
  • Wide array of wraparound services
  • Case management services for children
  • Recovery therapy services with clubhouse and after school program opportunities
  • PACT
  • Foster care placements

Executive Director

Susan Kroungold_Education Area_Executive DirectorSusan Kroungold – Executive Director of Children’s Behavioral Health and Treatment Foster Care Services

Susan Kroungold joined Elwyn in 1983 as a Reading Specialist in the Non-Public Schools Program.  Over the course of her time at Elwyn, Susan held many administrative positions including Coordinator of Non-Public Schools Diagnostic Center, Coordinator of Training and Technical Assistance Program, Director of WrapAround Services for Children’s Behavioral Health.  Currently, Susan is the Executive Director of Children’s Behavioral Health and Treatment Foster Care Services.  Susan is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with a BS in Elementary Education and West Chester University with a MS in Education, Certified Reading Specialist.

Behavioral Health Services for Children