Non-Public Schools Program

The Non-Public Schools Program provides a full range of services to assist regular education students in achieving success in school. Services are available to students in grades K through 12 who attend private and parochial schools in Southwest, West, North, and Northwest Philadelphia.

Grievance Policies

Student Records


Clinical Services

  • Individual and small group counseling
  • Developmental guidance programs
  • Classroom or school-wide behavior programs
  • Psychological consultations and clinical observations
  • Evaluations, interventions and recommendations
  • Kindergarten/first grade phonemic awareness and perceptual-motor screenings
  • Risk assessments and suicide prevention
  • Crisis intervention

Education Services

  • Corrective reading/math instruction and consultation
  • Enrichment programs
  • Study skills
  • Educational evaluations
  • Speech and language services (therapy and consultations / evaluations)
  • Vision instruction and consultation
  • Orientation and mobility instruction and consultation

Special Services

  • Special education liaison service
  • Instructional student support teams
  • Professional development services