Community Placement

Supported Employment

We offer individual and group placement options in our Supported Employment Program, in both Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Our Job Developers will work closely with you to find a job. Remember; your first job will not be your last job, but will help you to gain job skills and work experience. Our Job Coaches provide support, training and guidance for job success and career growth.

Direct Placement

Our Direct Placement Program provides just the right amount of assistance to help a program participant find a job. Our Job developers will work closely with you in the job search process. Once they start a job, our Job Coaches will provide on-site support for the first 90 days on the job as they master job duties and build workplace relationships. Participants can call staff if they need more help after the first 90 days of employment and we’ll work with the Department of Rehabilitation Counselor to negotiate more job coaching as necessary.

Customized Employment

This very personalized approach in employment services capitalizes on a participant’s strengths, needs, and interests. Our Customized Employment service will negotiate with potential employers to customize a job based on abilities,  which also takes into consideration any need for accommodations. If self-employment is the goal, we can help with developing a business plan, legal requirements, business start-up, and provide on-going support to help that business succeed. This creative blend of services includes: Supported Employment, Self-Employment, and Entrepreneurship.

Employment Planning

Prior to job seeking, we also offer Employment Planning services designed to help you select an employment/career path. We offer Job Exploration & Situational Assessment to help you determine your job interests and identify any barriers to employment. We will work closely with you to remove barriers so you will be ready to begin looking for a job.

Community Integration Program

Elwyn California is newly vendored by California for a NEW Community Integration Program (CIP).  CIP is a mixed Fountain Valley facility based and community based program. In this exceptional alternative to our in-house work center (production), clients will work at least ten hours per week in Elwyn’s fully integrated setting, and also spend the remainder of their thirty hour week  in some type of community based services. This may include volunteer work, job exploration, paid external situational assessments, destination/mobility training, and community based classes.

Examples of the services are: Volunteer tasks that offer training prior to supported employment can include assembly/packaging work, custodial, retail store tasks, library tasks and others. Community based Personal & Social Adjustment classes are offered to address removal of an individual consumer’s barriers to community employment: Topics include social skills, communication, grooming/hygiene, personal safety, and behavior development. Community Integration skills training may include destination/mobility training on public transportation, making purchases in the community, community college classes, cooking skills, etiquette, accessing community resources (i.e. gym memberships, libraries, YMCA).

The CIP program is a wise choice for participants who need a program to prepare them for a community job as Elwyn staff guide and prepare them for the employment process.