Residential Supports for Adults with IDD

Elwyn California currently operates 30 residential homes, located in both the San Francisco Bay Area and the greater Los Angeles area. These homes are specifically designed to serve individuals who are leaving state-operated “institutional” facilities. We serve individuals with complex behavioral challenges as well as those with significant medical needs.

Our Medical Model homes (also called SB-962 or SB-853 Homes, in reference to the special legislation that created this design), feature state-of-the-art equipment such as mobile, ceiling-mounted lift systems that allow non-ambulatory residents to be safely transferred between their wheelchairs, beds, and specialized bathing facilities. Each home is managed by a licensed Registered Nurse, and staffed with a variety of skilled nursing professionals. Residents receive in-home therapeutic services that are specifically designed for their unique needs and capabilities.

Our Behavioral Model homes feature enhanced staffing ratios that focus on licensed Psychiatric Technicians. Residents typically attend outside Day Programs and Vocational Services, and are provided with a wide array of social and recreational opportunities that assist them in engaging with their local communities.

For both models, Elwyn California has contracted with a wide range of medical, dental, psychological and recreational services to ensure that all of our residents have immediate access to quality healthcare and social opportunities.

Elwyn California has also entered into a unique contract with the state, which enables us to hire highly experienced staff directly from the state’s remaining Developmental Centers. In many cases, these staff are already familiar with our residents, thus helping to ensure a safe and seamless transition.