Adult Training Centers in New Jersey

Cumberland Adult Training Center (CATC) and Vineland Adult Training Center (VATC)

Elwyn New Jersey has two Adult Training Center programs that provide learning opportunities for people with developmental disabilities and medical challenges in a supportive environment. The Cumberland Adult Training Center (C.A.T.C.) and the Vineland Adult Training Center (V.A.T.C) focus on the skills needed for community integration as well as independent daily functioning. Individuals receive assistance from our support staff to help them understand and select an activity, and they are encouraged to express their ideas and interests so that training options can be developed for the activity appropriate to their developmental needs.

The Adult Training Center programs offer training in personal awareness, community awareness, decision-making skills, safety awareness, task completion, and meal preparation. As part of the community awareness training, each person has the opportunity to learn how to locate community resources of interest to them and the available travel options for getting there. They also learn about appropriate social skills and the behavior and safety awareness necessary to adapt to the community setting. Access to Community Professional Supports and Training is available for all individuals participating in the programs.