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Community Living Programs at Elwyn New Jersey is Providing Intellectual Disabilities Services

Community Living Services at Elwyn New Jersey include 48 programs in Southern New Jersey’s Cumberland, Gloucester and Atlantic Counties. Two locations providing intellectual disabilities services engage individuals with fairly high levels of ability to live semi-independently, enriching their lives by supporting the individuals to maintain their level of independence in apartment settings. The rest of the locations empower individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities in living in their community with 24/7 staffing supports in single family homes dispersed across the three counties.

Daily community living services delivering intellectual disabilities services are provided in the community living services programs by trained Direct Support Professionals and include independence training through self-care, socialization, communication, community awareness, leisure, and the development of overall daily and independent living skills. Daily skill development can include working on a goal such as independent hygiene skills, learning of a daily skill such as dressing oneself, setting up breakfast, organizing, cleaning one’s room, or planning for activities with housemates.

Appropriate supports and services are determined based on the individual’s needs as identified by the individual’s support team. The support team includes the individual him or herself, professionals from Elwyn New Jersey, New Jersey’s Division of Developmental Disabilities’ Case Manager, the Supports Coordinator, where applicable, the individual’s family, Guardian, and other team members who all work on assessing, supporting, and monitoring the individual’s goals or outcomes and progress toward them.

Individuals have opportunities to use community based resources such as the library, Second Sunday, parks and neighboring malls. Shopping for clothing, seeing a movie, or going out to dinner are part of life for individuals supported in Elwyn New Jersey’s community living programs. Many individuals supported participate in Special Olympics or travel to visit family. Elwyn New Jersey is also proud of its choir which performs at the Elwyn New Jersey Art of Two Palates and at the Cumberland mall during the holidays.

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Some of the Elwyn New Jersey community residential services program homes are accessible and provide enhanced staffing ratios. Specific Elwyn New Jersey community living services provide specialized programs for individuals with heightened medical care needs with nursing staff on duty in the home. Medical care needs that can be offered in Elwyn New Jersey’s specialized medical home include daily nursing oversight, track care, insulin injections, and other medical care needs. Other Elwyn New Jersey programs provide otherwise specialized residential services, such as engaging and enriching the lives of individuals with an Intellectual and/or Developmental Disability and Prader-Willi syndrome and/or behavioral needs.

Elwyn New Jersey’s community residential services also include Behavioral services to provide intensive behavioral assessment and treatment services for adults with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities with behavioral issues. A data-driven approach is used, rooted in an evidence-based applied behavior assessment model (ABA). Data from a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) is used to determine the least restrictive and the most functional strength-based interventions and strategies for staff to implement. All staff are trained on the individual-specific needs, including any behavior support plans.

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