Elwyn New Jersey’s Adult Day Care Services at ADAPT

ADAPT is a program specializing in providing adult day care services to individuals with disabilities, complex physical challenges and medical needs. The program is located at 1667 East Landis Avenue, on the grounds of Elwyn New Jersey in Vineland, New Jersey.

Individuals supported at ADAPT function at a lower level of ability in general, so most of the activities are completed providing hand over hand assistance to the individual. The program includes Assistive technology, Developmental activities, Augmentative communication, Person-centered planning, and Therapeutic intervention which is how it got its name, ADAPT.

The primary goal of the ADAPT adult day care service program is to provide each individual with the support and training he or she needs to live as independently as possible and to gain increasing control over their environment. Daily activities provide sensory stimulation, therapeutic positioning and range of motion exercises to improve physical strength and flexibility for improved functional use. Professional support services available at ADAPT include a Licensed Practical Nurse on site eight hours every day and a Physical Therapist on site four times per week. Individuals can receive a PT assessment and individualized PT programming which can occur at ADAPT or which can be generalized for daily activities at home. Programming at ADAPT can include positioning on a mat, with or without wedges, sitting up or laying on the side, depending on the program developed by the Physical Therapist.
Wheelchairs used by individuals can be ordered, fitted and serviced at ADAPT if so order by the individual’s physician. Individuals who attend Elwyn New Jersey’s ADAPT also have access to community professional supports and training.

The nurse at ADAPT supports individuals by tracking blood pressure, weight, bowel movement and other ordered tracking as well as providing g-tube feeding and trach cleaning for those who require it.

The adult day care service programming at ADAPT includes visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation. Staff work with individuals hand-over-hand on goals including personal hygiene and grooming skills, social and adaptive living skills, practice and improving on communication skills and the use of assistive technology equipment. Staff help individuals play hanging volley ball, rolling a ball, and other activities which help individuals’ movement through carefully scripted range of motion activities. Staff also work with individuals on fine and gross motor skills training by using arts and crafts as the method. The ADAPT adult day care service program also provides a touch screen computer with Intelli key or switch plate accessibility for individuals to work on communication and finger dexterity.

Adult day care service activities at ADAPT also include board games and storybook activities.
In addition, the trained program staff work to provide safe opportunities for participation in activities in the community. ADAPT staff look forward to working with individuals in planning for and providing coordinated special trips to attend movies and to experience places like the local mall or park or even the boardwalk.

For more information on ADAPT, contact:

Elizabeth Velez
856-696-8772 (Office)
856-794-5313 (Fax)