Elwyn New Jersey’s Adult Day Care Services at VATC

Elwyn New Jersey’s VATC provides adult day care services for individuals with disabilities. The goal of VATC is to engage, train and empower individuals through encouraging them to participate in developing their basic living skills and social skills that maximize their individual growth potentials. This Adult Training Center (ATC) provides learning centers and community opportunities for service involvement in addition to community integration to adults 21 years of age and older in Vineland, New Jersey. The VATC is a fully wheelchair accessible program.

The daily schedule at VATC consists of daily exercise in the morning, including aerobics, classroom-based activities, independent guided activities such as reading, use of sensory room, playing board games, arts and crafts, puzzles, and other goal-related chores. Wednesdays have bingo, musical chairs or movies and Fridays include a dance party. Every afternoon, participants learn a new topic on safety.

Three basic areas of concentration for programming at VATC includes the development of fine motor skills, the development of gross motor skills and the development of appropriate social interactions. VATC has a sensory room, a personal awareness room, and a number of visual sensory areas. Sensory areas include the Jungle Room and the Sensational Hall where individual program participants can touch a number of tactile items. An indoor park offers sights and sounds with a recycled water fall and the chirping of birds. The indoor park also has benches that fold into a picnic table. Relaxing music is fed into the area, and there is even a three-dimensional desert scene with additional sights and sounds. VATC’s sensory spaces have been built to stimulate the senses. Stimulated senses, in turn, empower individuals and enrich experiences as well as help individuals grow their interests and awareness.

VATC also has vehicles for transportation to day trips which are planned to encourage community integration and participation in an on-going service project, including the provision of community service at three local nursing homes. VATC participants have crafted holiday center pieces for the veterans and delivered them.

In order to engage individual participants in this adult day care service program, and to empower their potential, staff work with individuals on fine and gross motor skills growth. Carefully developed group activities are provided through nine modules of learning. These include reading, personal awareness, arts and crafts, games, basic living skills, educational videos, group participation and kitchen skills. Additionally, socialization not only allows individuals to strengthen their social skills but it also enhances individuals’ daily experiences. Each individual works toward objectives set by the individual and his or her team.

VATC is separated into eleven service areas, each with a six to one individual to staff ratio. Two groups receive a needs-based higher level of supervision provided at a three to one individual served to staff ratio. These areas provide support to individuals with specific needs, including the diagnosis of PICA.

Elwyn New Jersey’s VATC focuses on developing an environment that is safe and stimulating to provide an adult day care service to individuals with disabilities. Programming options provide sensory input and techniques which encourage growth. Outcomes focus on opportunities to learn a marketable skill coupled with the ability to function in a social setting. VATC staff proudly work closely with individuals and their teams, including family members, guardians, and other significant people in the person’s life. VATC staff and individuals also work with our community partners who make many community participation events and opportunities possible.

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