Residential and Day Supports for Adults with IDD

Elwyn New Jersey’s Residential programs, Day Programs and Work Services engage, empower, and enrich the lives of over 300 adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities in Southern New Jersey.

Elwyn New Jersey
Residential services are provided in Cumberland, Gloucester and Atlantic Counties in Southern New Jersey. 48 residential locations include single-family residences and apartment settings. Individuals are supported by caring and compassionate Direct Support Professionals in engaging and empowering individuals in daily decision making and enriching lives by helping individuals learn skills and more independence in daily living skills and recreational and social activities in the community. Four Adult Day programs and three Work Service programs provide day and work opportunities to adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities in the Vineland area.

Elwyn New Jersey staff and professionals work as a team with the individuals we support and their families and guardians. We seek to engage our community partners and professional colleagues. We look to provide choices and opportunities for the individuals we support. It is important to us to create resources when there are none, to expand services when there is an opportunity to benefit more individuals, and to brainstorm for the best outcomes for each individual with his or her Interdisciplinary Team (IDT). Teams of Elwyn New Jersey staff, individuals and their families work toward the goal of engaging, empowering and enriching individual lives every day. Results are important to us.

Jane Detweiler, Executive Director

Elwyn New Jersey

Jane Detweiler has been working at Elwyn New Jersey in Vineland for over 30 years. Detweiler started in 1981 as an administrative assistant to the director of administrative services, received numerous promotions over the years and has been the Executive Director since 1999. Born in Wilmington, Delaware, Detweiler graduated from the College of New Rochelle in New York with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and completed graduate studies in psychology and counseling at Villanova University. Before coming to Elwyn New Jersey, Detweiler delivered individual and group counseling for people with drug and alcohol addictions in prisons and schools. She is currently actively involved with St. Cornelius Catholic Church in Chadds Ford, Pa. and also works as a volunteer in Wilmington, Delaware at the Ronald McDonald House.

Maxham at night-Elwyn NJ Administration Building

Maxham-Elwyn New Jersey’s Administration Headquarters

Elwyn New Jersey’s administrative headquarters are housed at Maxham which was named after a philanthropist of the same name who offered the building to Olin Garrison in 1887 to begin an education program for children with disabilities.

For further information on Elwyn New Jersey programs and services

Community Living Programs (CLP) for Adult Residential Community Services:
Bob Konar, Admissions
856-794-5288 (Office)

Adult Day Services at Senior Enrichment or ADAPT:
Karen Skoglund
856-794-5209 (Office)
856-794-5314 (Fax)

Adult Day Services at VATC or CATC:
Elizabeth Velez
856-696-8772 (Office)
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Elwyn New Jersey Work Services at TSI, Supported Employment, or Job Skills:
Allen Samuels, Director
856-794-8580 (Office)
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