Elwyn Subsidiaries

Elwyn currently operates a subsidiary that take advantage of the organization’s expertise and efficiencies to generate increased revenue to support Elwyn programs and services. This subsidiary is PEMS, a non-profit applied technology service that offers a host of enhanced management services.

Provider Enhanced Management Services (PEMS) incorporate the creative approaches, innovations and best practices developed by Elwyn over the years that have made it one of the leading providers of choice for people with diverse challenges. By offering this service at competitive rates to other human services providers, Elwyn can provide much needed assistance to the special populations it champions and recover a portion of its considerable research and development costs.


PEMS is a subsidiary of Elwyn and an acronym for Provider Enhanced Management Services. Through PEMS, Elwyn offers the larger community our expertise, resources and services through mutually beneficial partnerships. As a nationally recognized human service organization, Elwyn possesses a variety of services which it extends through PEMS including long term care pharmacy services, training and education, technological solutions as well as clinical, financial and business consulting.

PEMS Corporate Office

111 Elwyn Road
Suite 306
Elwyn, PA 19063

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