Employment Services

Assessment, Training, Placement and Supported Employment

Employment Services provides individuals the support they need to get and maintain jobs. Our goal is to promote the independence and self worth that comes with meaningful employment and contributions to one’s community. We provide services to over 600 individuals a year in PA, DE, and CA.
Services include community and facility assessments and training as well as job placement and job coaching. We support both competitive and transitional jobs. Some locations also offer group placements.


Elwyn is an employment network of the Social Security Administration. As an employment network (EN) Elwyn can guide people who are on SSI or SSDI and have a ticket, as they seek employment. Elwyn’s Ticket-To-Work program helps individuals understand the benefits and work incentives they are entitled to and teaches them how to take advantage of their ticket to return to gainful employment. Individuals who assign their ticket to Elwyn will receive help determining their work skills and interests, and instruction on how to match them to jobs in the community. Ticket holders will be directed to a Work Incentive Planning and Assistance Counselor who will help them get the most from their benefits while they earn money working. Elwyn’s Ticket-To-Work helps individuals understand the complicated government regulations surrounding the work incentive program. An individual work plan will be written which outlines the steps an individual will take to get the job they want. TTW staff works closely with Supported Employment staff to help individuals succeed.



For Information in PA or DE


Elwyn Ticket-to-Work  toll free #

For Information in CA

714-557-6313 (Orange County)
310-328-2822 (Los Angeles)

Visit our website at dev.elwyn.org