Autism Services Provider, Elwyn, Announces Tuesday, November 29th, is Giving Tuesday

November 15, 2016 – Philadelphia, PA – As one of the leading non-profit providers of autism services for children and adults, Elwyn is happy to join into the new trend of Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday is November 29th, following the sales-focused Black Friday and Cyber Monday commercialist holidays. Giving Tuesday revolves around the idea that it is better to give than receive.  Now in its fifth year, Giving Tuesday has grown significantly, raising over a hundred million dollars in a single day.

Giving Tuesday is not just about giving money, it is also about giving your time.  Consider volunteering to help with one of the many fun activities Elwyn provides for their residents and staff. Elwyn provides autism and residential services to children and adults with intellectual disabilities. The services Elwyn provides are so vital to affected individuals regardless of their income. As a non-profit, Elwyn is consistently seeking donations to keep their facilities running, which now benefit thousands of individuals every year.

Both individual and corporate donations on Giving Tuesday are welcomed. Donations are fully tax-deductible, and Elwyn strives to see as much money as possible go directly into their services. Individuals can also choose to continue to give on the first Tuesday of the month.

For those seeking a good cause to support for Giving Tuesday, Elwyn should be your first consideration.  The money donated will makes life better for those facing severe life challenges. Contact Elwyn directly for further information.

About Elwyn

Elwyn is a non-profit organization dedicated to the betterment of intellectually and/or developmentally disabled (IDD) children and adults.  For nearly 160 years, Elwyn has provided autism services as well as a wide variety of educational, emotional, and training support to IDD individuals as well as their families. With centers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and California, few organizations in America can say they have done more to improve the lives of the mentally-challenged. Elwyn relies upon generous donations of time and money to continue to provide quality services.

For press inquiries or donation information, please visit or call 610-891-2000.

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